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Some helpful articles scattered around the 40 or so pages here -

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dastardly Lily beetle.

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Winter Garden Protection

Correct planting of 
new trees & shrubs

Increasing Drought Tolerance.

"Low"maintenance gardening?



A garden is a work of living art that's constantly growing and changing. 

Only experience can teach the skills necessary to design or tame a garden that will mature with grace, health and beauty.  Put our 25 years of experience to work for you this year!



Visit the SERVICES CHECKLIST page, or call soon to set up a date for pruning work, a garden design or health  consultation, or to discuss the possibilities for your new garden in 2019

     Who we are  

Evelyn Wolf, Garden Possibilities Services.  Your perennial Gardening Expert.GARDEN POSSIBILITIES
Evelyn Wolf
, gardener

your perennial garden expert

        Gardening has been my pass-time, business, and passion for what seems like forever!  This passion for a garden's possibilities, and the personal enrichment even the smallest patch of ground can bring to our lives, goes into every garden I design or tend.   Together with a small crew of dedicated and experienced helpers, no size or type of garden is beyond our expertise.

Background.  I've been a hands-on gardener for over 25 years, where a passion for collecting and experimenting with new perennials plants and their design possibilities has been something of an obsession!    20 years teaching classes, presenting seminars, and writing gardening articles    ...  and 10 years operating a garden specialty bookstore where all my curiosities could be explored, has been my training ground.   I draw on these accumulated skills to design or maintain unique perennial gardens for clients all over northern York Region from Georgina to King City. 

Today.  Over the years, a fascination with not only the art of garden design, but the science of how plants and gardens tick, led me to explore, observe, experiment, and ultimately develop an immense respect for the amazingly intricate natural cycles of a gardenís life, both above ground in the plants and below ground in the soil that feeds and supports them.  Combined with the endless creative possibilities offered by even the tiniest patch of ground, I'm not sure I could ever tire of what I do. 

Whatever project is at hand, my -
    - fascination with how plants grow ...
    - respect for their ability to survive our follies, and ...
    - admiration for the endless creative
                 possibilities any sized garden inspires ...
                                           is evident.

                                            Evelyn Wolf     
                                GARDEN POSSIBILITIES Services






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consultations - design & planting - expert shrub pruning - garden maintenance - workshops and classes. 
Over 25 years experience designing, creating, maintaining, teaching and writing about, perennial plants and gardens!

Garden Possibilities.  Your Perennial Garden Expert.  Serving gardens and gardeners from Georgina and Newmarket to King City. Email:   Evelyn@GardenPossibilities.com  (copy / paste)

GARDEN POSSIBILITIES  Perennial Garden Services
Evelyn Wolf, garden consultant,  905 478-7395 or cell 289-716-1408
                               your perennial garden expert

20507 Leslie St.  (NE corner of Leslie & Queensville Sdrd.  By appt. only please.).   
Queensville (East Gwillimbury), Ontario, L0G 1R0  

All photos and articles © Evelyn Wolf, 2019.  Please email for permission to use.